Miss SL 2020~ The Beginning

So this was something i never intended to do But with great persuation from my Boyfriend/Sl husband Blake I set out to fill out the application for Miss SL 2020. I figured it’s a way to show off my creativity in my photography I always am searching for new material to create something amazing that can bring emotion to people.

No I am not the greatest Photographer and i have always had my own style. Never following the crowd but owning what i do in the moment. I never expected to be the popular one or the greatest But Photography is my passion and what I love most about being in SL. It gives me my creative outlet.

So here I go on this new adventure and I am happy to be apart of the experience where ever that may lead


Author: Luna Coverdale

Born on april 29, 1974 I am both a victim of Mental illness and a survivor.. Also having Aperger's Syndrome I have devoted my life to Mental illness and Autism Awareness and Suicide prevention and through my testimony be a light to others.

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